Motor Control Center (MCC) - SEV32 Motor Control Centre

Technical Data
  • Type tested to IEC 439, IEC 947 and DIN. VDE. 660 pt 500
  • Arcproof design, fully insulated bus bars and risers to maximise safety
  • Fully withdraweable incomers and feeders, including comprehensive safety interlocks 2to protect both person and plant
  • HSEV Fuse Switch available in either BS/DIN fuses or MCCB configurations in up 32 modules per column
  • Compact design gives up to 32 x 11kW starters in a column all easy to cable, install and maintaining protection for the electrician from live connections and parts
  • Fully withdrawable starters up to 280kW also Soft Starters & Variable Speed rives
  • Designed for front access allowing direct mounting against a wall having total ease of use from the front for installation and maintenance


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