Modular Control Devices - Pulsar S - ImpulseSwitches

Technical Data

Used to electromechanically or electronically control the switching of lighting and heating loads via a (brief) impulse to energise the control circuit in the home, commercial or industrial application.

  • In accordance with BSEN60669-1, IEC 60669-1
  • 16A or 25A nominal current
  • 1P, 2P (1 module) and 4P (2 module) with various contact combinations
  • 8V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 230V AC or DC Coils
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Circuit indicator window allowing clear labeling of circuits
  • Central command modules (add-on or stand alone) for the control of several impulse switches
  • Multilevel central command modules (add-on) for the control of several levels of impulse switches eg. Lighting in an office block
  • 1n/o 1n/c left mounting auxiliary contact available
  • IP20 terminals
  • Contact flag indication


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