Motor Protection Devices - Surion

Technical Data
  • Surion, a complete range of compact and reliable manual motor starters rated from 0,1A to 63A in two different frame sizes (45 and 55mm width). It represents a new motor protection system for switching and protecting three phase induction motors up to 30kW @ 400V AC with current ratings up to 63A.
  • Both the rocker lever and rotary handle mechanism guarantee clear status indication with ON-OFF-Tripped positions showing the circuit status as a glance
  • Surion starters are available worldwide, and are specifically designed to enhance the total connectivity with the rest of the Power Protection product families. They can be combined with the minicontactors types M and contactors types CL to form a fuseless starter solution.
  • The entire line is available with thermal+magnetic trip for complete motor protection, or with magnetic protection only for short circuit protection in combination with starters.
  • A complete range of accessories guarantee a solution for all types of applications. These include auxiliary contacts (frontal and lateral-left and right), trip indicator (short circuit and overload), short circuit indicator only, shunt trip, undervoltage release (with and without early make auxiliary contacts), enclosures, busbar system, etc


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