SE Digital Power™: The integrated powersolution

Technical Data

Setting a new standard for Power Protection and Power Quality

Growing in the high-end solutions market by offering a state-of-the-art, through-going concept to most demanding customers such as Design Engineers, General Contractors and large corporations.

SE Digital Power is beyond a comprehensive critical power solution and the first system of its kind in the industry. From calculation & design to a type tested system, completely built and certified in our Bielsko Biala plant and, once installed, combining comprehensive RM&D with individualized Service – SE Digital Power reduces project cycle time, improves total system reliability and optimizes life cycle cost.

SE Digital Power combines GE products from Power Protection, Power Quality, Multilin and Security. SE Digital Power features integrated, redundant UPS modules, short circuit withstands of 80 kA/1-sec, hot swappable components with highest operator safety, early smoke detection and outstanding power quality metering - the "bullet proof" power solution for Mission Critical Applications requiring a 7x24 operation.

Complex projects for critical power can be split into six very specific phases.

Calcule & Dimension:
The sizing and calculation of the entire electrical system occurs in this stage. Procera Plus is a highly efficient software tool that supports the engineer during this critical phase of dimensioning and calculation.

Configure & Design:
Dimensions and configuration are essential for ensuring space is utilised fully and configured to facilitate easier installation and future expansion and maintenance. PowerDesign is the tool for phase two, a comprehensive design suite to effectively configure and design the equipment.

Build & Test:
In this phase is the build-up of the individually designed system, type tested according to EN/IEC 60439-1 in the factory, completed with a rigorous real-life testing procedure.

Install & Commission:
Saving money, time, space is probably the most appropriate statement for phase 4. SE Digital Power comes split in single cabinets, as all components are bus bar based, no cabling between modules, no cable trays required. All sensing and monitoring components are mounted in a specific cabinet, and the entire system is pre-wired. One just needs to connect the plugs on top of the cabinets – real plug-and-play for RM&D.

Operate & Monitor:
VIEWPOINT is the RM&D part of SE Digital Power, a software suite, combined with high performance sensing equipment for power quality or early smoke detection. Analog and digital signals of multiple sources are managed on the same communication network as intelligent trip units and UPS via Modbus.

Service & Maintain:
SE Digital Power RM&D solution is combined with an individually defined service package for the customer. The system provides data to the expert in the service department who will analyse the structure to detect possible reliability risks or performance bottlenecks.



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